ANI X31, Inc. is an IRS Code Section 1031 Exchange "Accommodator" or "Qualified Intermediary" headquartered in California. The Company offers transparent, safe, easy and effective ways to facilitate the exchange process. Its skilled staff and their in-depth experience help instill security, confidence and peace of mind into the enormous and sometimes intimidating task of exchanging in and out of real estate and other investments.

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Terminating an Exchange

Occasionally, a Taxpayer wants or needs to terminate an exchange after the net proceeds have been transferred to the Qualified Intermediary (QI). By the IRS Regulations and a substantive (valid) exchange agreement, the taxpayer may receive the net proceeds:

  • After the 45-day identification period if there are no properties identified; or
  • After the 45-day identification period but before the end of the 180-day exchange period if all identified properties have been acquired; or
  • After the 180-day exchange period.
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