ANI X31, Inc. is an IRS Code Section 1031 Exchange "Accommodator" or "Qualified Intermediary" conducting business out of California. The Company offers transparent, safe, easy and effective ways to facilitate the exchange process. Its skilled staff and their in-depth experience help instill security, confidence and peace of mind into the enormous and sometimes intimidating task of exchanging in and out of real estate and other investments.

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About Us

About Us

ANi X31 Exchange Services – Make it Happen!

No matter how big or complex your exchange may be, ANi X31 Exchange Services has the talent, experience and resources to execute a successful close of your exchange. You can rely on our advisers to assist with simultaneous, deferred, reverse, to-be-built and reverse to-be-built exchanges. We will provide quick and convenient access, and documentation. You may want to read more about different types of exchanges.

We facilitate exchanges of: large and small office buildings; industrial parks; warehouses and distribution centers; shopping centers and entertainment complexes; one-to-four family and multi-family apartment units; hotels and motels; medical, nursing, and retirement facilities.

ANi X31 will produce the proper documentation and exchange structure, and provide support throughout your transaction. Whether it's owner-financing, advancing earnest money on multiple properties, creation of special-purpose entities, working with C and S corporations and subsidiaries, related parties, land contracts, even deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, our professionals have seen it all. Our focus is on meeting every Taxpayer requirement, and we are not afraid to use ingenuity and creativity in developing innovative solutions. Our network of professional analysts and specialized lawyers are available to support and confirm strategies for a successful exchange.

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